Downtown Business Associates Toastmasters

District 49
Club 2076

Honolulu, Hawaii

Rebecca Weatherford

Club Members:
Hillary Agra-TM
Anita Akel-Soileau-TM
Tina Bae-TM
Wendy Baldwin-TM
Amy Blackwell-TM
Connie Chang-TM
Charles Churchill-CTM
Greg Dalin-TM
Rocky Davis-ACG, CL
Edward Joseph-DTM
Tamara Edwards-TM
Jeff Esmond-TM
Archie Grey-TM
Christopher Haig-TM
Rich Halverson-CTM
Wen He-ACS, CL
Norman Hirohata-Goto-CTM
John Holman-TM
Debra Kohn-Lee-TM
Leslie Kurisaki-TM
Patricia LaPorte-TM
Shao Yu Lee-TM
Christine Medeiros-TM
Tabitha Mitchell-TM
Cheryl Nishita-TM
Clara Park-TM
Hieu Pham-CC
Anthony Poponi-TM
Jane Preece-TM
Christopher Procopio-TM
Harvey Rackmil-CTM
Xenia Regalia-TM
Kyle Sekiya-TM
James Smith-TM
Christopher Steadley-TM
Katie Stula-TM
Richard Sullivan-ATM-B
Brian Takahashi-ATM- B
Eric Taramasco-TM
Trent Thoms-TM
Rebecca Weatherford-TM
Koa Webster-TM
Charmaine Williams-TM
Grace Wong-TM
Ina Wong-TM
Cheryl Yeh-ATMB
Adelina Yim-TM

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Last Updated:
February 6, 2016

Downtown Business Associates Toastmasters
District 49, Club 2076

Honolulu, Hawaii











Tentative Agendas:
February 10, 2016
February 17, 2016
February 24, 2016


Downtown Business Associates Toastmasters meets from 12:00 to 1:00 PM every Wednesday at Architects Hawaii, Pacific Guardian Center, 733 Bishop Street, 29th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813

How to Join:

We welcome new members! People just like you join us all the time. We generally have about 8 to 10 new members every year.

The application process is simple.

Click to download the application form.

New member fees are calculated on the reverse side of the application. There is a new member fee of $20, membership dues which vary depending upon the month of your application, plus club dues of $4.

Bring your completed application plus your check (if this is the form of payment) to any meeting.

You will receive your new member's manual within a few weeks, and you'll be on your way!

Questions? Email Wen He at or call (808) 202-5254



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